Midaspace is a courageous challenge won on the field. How? Believing in an online project and investing in the Sicilian territory. To persevere and believe in their intuitions were young entrepreneurs who, by focusing on the finest materials and latest generation design, have directed a team of under 35 leading them towards new paths, stimulating new ideas.
Thus proposing a new, innovative and fascinating way of approaching online furniture sales. A vision never experienced that has consolidated the reality of Midaspace.


Midaspace e-commerce was born from the 2.0 evolution of Mida Home. A showroom with over 1400 square meters created in various environments and in fascinating sets dedicated to iconic brands, in which we have chosen to accompany the visitor in an evocative experience: touching the quality of materials, finishes and furnishing accessories by hand, suggesting in the most original way the ideal project for your spaces.

The main and ambitious goal is to overcome the boundaries of the housing idea by focusing the spotlight on a new and careful vision of the needs, trends, tastes and requests that the constantly evolving market suggests.


Midaspace, a courageous challenge that is now synonymous with undisputed elegance, the essential element for the special spaces you want to create.